Citius – Armored vehicles

Company “Citius S” has more then 25 year-experience in the market of armoring vehicles and a wide range of customers around the world.

Armored cars of “Citius S” are reliable, practical and safety.

We can create an armored car on the basis of any vehicle that is capable to carry the additional load according to its technical characteristics: cargo or passenger van, SUV, passenger car or a heavy truck.

We use hidden armoring technology and at the request of the customer the appearance of the car can be unchanged.

“Citius” cars – high quality and fair price!

We offer you:

  • Armored cash in transit vehicles based on commercial vehicles of the world leading manufacturers – Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault with thepreservation of the manufacturer’s warranty and the company’s 24-month warranty on armored items
  • Armored cash in transit vehicles based on commercial vehicles of other brands with the company’s 24-month warranty on armored items
  • Hidden armoring of your vehicle
  • Individual Armored vehicles designed and built according to an individual project to solve your special tasks
  • Bulletproof glass of our own production for cars, offices, architectural constructions
  • Warranty service of our cars
  • Service support and repair for armored vehicles of other manufacturers

For armoring the company uses armored steel made in Germany and bulletproof glass of our own production.

Elements of the armored capsule are lapped with a multipoint weld, and glued with special sealants.

This technology makes the armored capsule extremely durable and invulnerable? eliminates vibration and noise while driving.

The quality of the armored materials is confirmed by European and Ukrainian certificates.

Citius S produces armored vehicles of all protection classes following categories:

  • Armored Luxury SUV and van
  • Cash in transit vehicle
  • Police armored car
  • Armored Ambulance
  • Armored escort car
  • Armored specialty vehicle such as mobile bank offices, armored cars for journalists, ets.